Fuel Oil FAQs

Q. I’ve heard of people on automatic delivery running out of oil. How is that possible?

Normally, run-outs are a result of the way in which the residence is being occupied. A typical example would occur if there is a new baby in the house and the room temperature is being kept higher and there is an increase in hot water usage. If there is any change in the way your residence is being used, it is important to notify Service Oil Company so that we can adjust your consumption factor.


Q. What other factors contribute to run-outs?

Any supplemental heat from wood burning stoves, electric heaters or gas stoves affects your consumption. Computer-generated calculations for scheduling deliveries must be adjusted to take this into account.


Q. Do I have to buy my oil from Service Oil in order to have a service policy?



Q. What happens to my Budget payment if there is a dramatic increase in the price of fuel oil?

In the event that there is a dramatic change in the cost of oil we will try to notify you and suggest a voluntary increase in your budget amount. If you opt not to increase your payments it could result in a large balance pay-off in the summer.


Q. Is my furnace compatible with Bioheat® fuel?

All heating oil systems are compatible with Bioheat® fuel blends up to B20 without any modification. All gaskets, seals, hoses and O-rings are compatible with blends up to B20. For additional information on compatibility with your furnace, please contact one of our service experts. 

Request Delivery

For Fuel Oil Assistance, Pricing or Delivery, please contact any of the following:

Office: 717-564-1657 Ext. 100, 103, 104
Delivery Dispatcher: 717-564-1657 Ext. 105