Fuel Oil Delivery Options

Service Oil Company offers three delivery options to ensure that its Fuel Oil and Diesel customers receive the service that best meets their needs. Not sure which option is best for you? Talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives by calling 717-564-1657 Ext. 105.


Automatic Delivery

Most of our customers prefer to have their HEATING OIL delivered using our automatic delivery system. Service Oil Company calculates each automatic delivery customer’s consumption based on their usage history and local weather patterns. Heating Oil is then automatically delivered when the customer needs it – minimizing the possibility of run-outs.


Time Delivery

This option is best for customers whose usage is not weather related. If you have a hot water heater that is not connected to your home’s heating system or if fuel oil or diesel is used for commercial processing, Service Oil Company will deliver in equal, pre-determined time increments to meet your consumption needs.


Will Call Delivery

Service Oil Company provides prompt, reliable delivery service to our customers who prefer to check their tanks themselves.


Request Delivery

For Fuel Oil Assistance, Pricing or Delivery, please contact any of the following:

717-564-1657 Ext. 100, 103, 104
717-564-1657 Ext. 105